Discussion ( 作業討論: 細胞)
It’s been called a multiple since the productions of plasma cells are cancerous and uncontrollable in the bone marrow of several bones. Yes, the keyphrase are in the bone marrow and several bones. It rapidly produces antibodies which are called monoclonal antibodies, a specific type of plasma cell’s antibodies in uncontrolled ammounts.

The monoclonal antibodies are stemmed from the same original plasma cells. The clinical manifestations of multiple myeloma come from the increasing density of bone marrow with mass productions of monoclonal antibodies and also from the presence of monoclonal gammopathy of unknown significance (MGUS). This presence can be asymtomatic and to symptomatic intramedullary myeloma, then finally to extramedullary myeloma and plasma-cell leukemia. Because of the unsymptomatic stage of the MGUS, the disease can be clinically unrecognized.


Multiple myeloma is a type of cancerous growth plasma cells – component of white blood cells which produces antibody in the bone marrow. Below we provide you with article about the pathophysiology and therapy of multiple myeloma.